01.13 caught up to now; still not FunFixFinish

These are some silkscreen pillows I made for Artfolio, a catalog created by Adrienne Ganzenmuller, who dated one of the Ramones; nyc. One is on linen; the other is on suede!


One of the poems I stole off the side of a bus in SF:

You are one person I will never forget.

You are like the sun that brights.

You are like apple, as sweet as candies and sugar.


The other I wrote in architecture school after the crazy Hypatia said she was my “silent fan” one day.

Silent Fan

Deluxe five-and-ten air mover

for hot summer days

spent swinging on the screened porch,

waiting for the breeze

that will never come.

No, really,

I am your

silent fan.




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